Units Required for Security Agents Licence Tasmania

Units required for the different
Security AGENT Licenses

The issue of Agent Security Licences in Tasmania firstly requires the completion of the standard units of study required for each of the security guard licences, as specified by Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Tasmania:

Standard number of units for security guard licences:

  • General Guard = 16 units + agent licence units listed below
  • Crowd Control = 17 units + agent licence units listed below
  • Monitor Room = 15 units + agent licence units listed below
  • Body Guard = 25 units + agent licence units listed below
Units Required to complete each

category of the Security AGENT Licences

Categories of Agent Licence
CPPSEC3005A Prepare and present security documentation & reports X
CPPSEC3017A Plan and conduct evacuation of premises X
CPPSEC3018A Provide for the safety of persons at risk X
CPPSEC3048A Maintain effective relationship with security clients X X
CPPSEC4001A Manage a safe workplace in the security industry X
CPPSEC4002A Implement effective communication techniques X
CPPSEC4003A Advise on security needs X
CPPSEC4006A Assess risks X X X
CPPSEC4007A Assess threat X X X
CPPSEC4009A Interpret information from advanced security equipment X
CPPSEC4010A Manage monitoring centres X
CPPSEC4011A Coordinate field staff activity from control room X
BSBSMB404A Undertake small business planning X X X X

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