HR Security Consultants

HR Security Consultants

HRD Consulting Australasia originally began providing HR security consultancy for its high profile clients who required risk management analysis, OH&S reports, close personal protection and other professional HR services.

With our bank of HR specialists and association with “People Select”, a Sydney based agency specialising in security personnel, HRD can provide consultants for all situations.

Some of our consultants specialise in remote, complex and high risk environments and HRD’s security, emergency and safety consultants will work anywhere in the world.

Our professional services include, but is not limited to risk management, OH&S, project management, close personal protection and emergency planning. Our flexibility and experience make us unique when working in complex and/ or hostile environments.

HR security provide your organisation with quality, well trained and highly experienced consultants to assist you in reaching your goals . Our consultants are solution driven and whether conducting business or organising an event; our team can assist you with security, personal protection, safety and even travel. So you can concentrate on the things that are needed and important to you.

Our HR security Services

It is the knowledge, skills and experience that our consultants have gained over many years working for governments and private companies that enable HR security consultants to provide practical support and real-time protection. Drawing from international experience in complex and hostile environments our HR security professionals are experts in security, safety and travel.

Ensuring discretion while protecting your personal information, image and assets is our business. YOUR problem is our SOLUTION!

At HR security our team of consultants, coordinators and operators specialise in:

  • Executive assistance
  • Security Consulting
  • Risk mitigation
  • Personal Security
  • Remote area safety
  • Travel assistance

Our Professional HR Security Consultants

HR security prides itself on its personnel, they are our greatest asset we have. We only work with competent, highly qualified and well trained people with years of experience. We feel that at the end of the day, quite often your time is the one thing you have a limited amount of and you can’t afford to waste it. That’s why you need our motivated, forward thinking, self-starting and problem solving consultants to look after your needs and help you achieve success of your goals. With a team that is security cleared and a company that has been operating for 23 years behind them, you are guaranteed you are getting reliable, dependable and trustworthy personnel who will assist in your every need.

Our clients are happy to talk about our capacity and our quality HR services !