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Library of over 200 multimedia learning videos – list below:

Few training methods can compete with the dramatic impact of watching real-world incidents being addressed by real people in real workplaces. HR training has a user friendly library of videos that span every key facet of workplace training and will help cover WORKPLACE COMPLIANCE in Health & Safety and HR.

The content is engaging, it entertains and therefore ensures training is memorable and effective.

Get the message across with dramatic real life scenes

Our accident scene re-enactments are based on real-life incidents. Some of them are not for the squeamish, so they often come with a warning, but we can guarantee that once they’ve been seen, they cannot be unseen, and that makes for high-impact training sessions that resonate with their audience.

Work Health and safety management is a vital part of every organisation. Effective eLearning training courses will help you cover your compliance for:  WHS / OHS and HR matters within your workplace and will help your organisation avoid the stress and financial burden of accidents and occupational ill health.

Videos available in various international versions and languages

In a global environment, flexibility is king. HR training currently have our own translators who can create your eLearning video in:

  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Tagalog and other Filipino dialects

so your video training will never get lost in translation. Our training modules are developed by specialists on the ground from Australia to Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the US, the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and China with some video titles already in Mandarin and Cantonese – our library is always expanding and kept up to date.

Our Learning Management System

HR training’s eLearning courses allow an organisation to schedule and monitor training across the entire organisation. You can easily train & assess your employees’ knowledge, as well as gain unlimited access to individual assessment results and a complete training history for each employ can even be sent to you by HR with training.

Customised eLearning courses will be created for organisations

Get HR training to create a customised eLearning course for your organisation – all you do is tell us what topics you need to cover and we will cherry pick individual video topics (chapters) and interactive questions and combine them with the best of your own training resources to develop highly focused, engaging training that is your OWN !
HR training integrate our highly engaging video clips into your own organisation’s training program.

Browse our eLearning course titles with online assessment that will help your COMPLIANCE to WHS/OHS and HR issues: