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HRD Consulting Australasia Pty Ltd and HR training have consulted and conducted training for all levels of Australian Government – State Departments, local Councils and the Commonwealth of Australia; as well as training employees of the governments of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Portugal, Germany, Canada and the United Nations Commission. However most of our training and consultancy work is for industry and private organisations.

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Ensuring the safety of staff and visitors at our overseas posts is among our highest priorities. The guards at our embassy in Phnom Penh are shown here on 20 March 2007 with Mr Garry McGill from HRD Consulting Australasia/ HRtraining, and First Secretary Ms Barbara Muzic, after graduating from the Guard Training course. The first training course was held in Singapore in March 2007. The course will travel to a total of 63 of our overseas missions with the final course planned for May 2009.

In 2012 I started a Certificate IV in Cleaning Management linked to a Certificate IV in Business with Human Resource Training and then I also completed a Diploma of Management in 2013.
The sense of achievement after completing these studies with HR training rekindled my desire for lifelong learning


Colin Gore
General Service Technician
JCDecaux Australia Pty Ltd

Hi Garry & Tony,

Just want to say thank you for your hard work in helping me get the Certificate & Diploma.
I am sure I was a pain in the posterior at times but I just want you to know I appreciate your work.

Please pass on my thanks to the other teachers and staff for their work as well.

Carole RYAN
Accounts Receivable
JCDecaux Finance Dept


I completed a Certificate IV in Business through my employer Ipswich City Council who chose Human Resource Training as the training provider.

I was very keen to undertake the course but unfortunately a few months into the course I faced some major issues in my personal life which seriously impacted on my performance and motivation. I did not think I could continue because I thought the course was going to be too hard and much for me to handle. But I told Human Resource Training of my challenge and found it was a blessing that they were the training provider. Their understanding and support was invaluable. They were extremely flexible and encouraged me to think outside the box with regards to assessments; such as using real life workplace examples to answer questions and using workplace projects I was already doing for my work to be used as assessment.

I found the team at Human Resource Training were more concerned with real life, practical application of the skills than a regurgitation of the source training material. They wanted to see me succeed! They were constantly encouraging, even when contact wasn’t required they would drop me an email with a few kind words to spur me on. In addition to this they provided prompt feedback of my submitted work; it’s good to ‘Pass’ a unit, but it’s even better to know the assessor’s thoughts on your work. Overall I know that without the innovation and encouragement of the Trainers and staff at Human Resource Training I wouldn’t have been able to the complete the certificate. I am very grateful to them.

Romana T.
Ipswich City Council

Queensland Department of Education and the Arts

HR training during 2003 to 2007 trained nearly nine hundred cleaners working for the Queensland Department of Education and the Arts. These cleaners worked at primary and secondary schools throughout Brisbane and as far north as Bundaberg.

Education Queensland are happy to be a referee for the quality training HR training provided their cleaning staff. In fact the training program HR training offered the Department was nominated for a QUEENSLAND TRAINING AWARD FOR 2005. The training program was short listed to take out the BEST LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE AWARD and HR training was pleased to be a part of this Public Sector Best Practice initiative.

Les Retford
Asset Maintenance
Training Program Coordinator


I thought it appropriate to send Human Resource Training an email expressing my sincere thanks for the training you did in Bowen Queensland. It was quite amazing to see the change in the participants from when they started on the Monday to when they finished on the Friday – their confidence and zest for life was truly inspiring.

I could see that you instilled a confidence in them that even they weren’t aware of and it was awesome to see them smiling and so happy to receive a certificate for their efforts. As you are aware, most of them had never received praise such as this.

Also, a huge thank you for assisting one of the participants with his reading and writing – he is stoked about his certificate and is looking forward to getting into the workforce and showing them that he is worthy.
I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Natalie Moore
Senior Project Officer


A combination of excellent and timely content, good presentation material and the best trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with ensured the succession of excellent comments from my franchisees.

Graeme Lees
Regional Training Manager
BP Australia Ltd

The Department of State Growth (Tasmania) engaged the services of HR training to design a flexible course for driving instructors with a range of qualifications to be eligible to be authorised L2 driving assessors in Tasmania. They delivered quality training and assessment (4 courses, total of 53 people) in very tight timeframes so that a key Government commitment to enable novice drivers to undertake assessments with either a government driving assessor or driving school authorised driving assessor was achieved. HR training exceeded our expectations with their professionalism in regard to their training, administration and the services they provided, especially during the follow-up course work. .

The Registrar
Registration & Licensing Services
Department of State Growth (Tasmania)