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Human Resource Training – Trainers and Facilitators

Information about our Senior Trainers and Facilitators:

Human Resource training has a group of Professional Trainers who work in all states of Australia and who travel overseas to conduct skill based workshops designed by HR training as well as Accredited Certificate Training to industry standards and to criteria set by HR training and our clients.

Flexible delivery methods ensure each training program is effective and brings about the CHANGE our clients want in their workplace.

HR training has extensive industry experience combined with current knowledge & skills in a number of industry areas because our Senior Trainers have a minimum of ten (10) years working experience in the industry in which they are training. Having such broad experience means our Trainers have been a part of the many changes in your industry over the years and therefore understand the issues your industry is facing today.

HR training takes pride in bringing the best Trainers and Facilitators to our courses and HR training programs. It is imperative that we maintain a team of specialist Trainers to ensure that the highest standards of delivery and service are maintained.

All our Trainers and Facilitators have extensive experience working in and with business and industry. As well as recent and relevant experience in business, our Trainers and Facilitators are highly qualified and credentialed. Many trainers have years of experience in the industry they are training in. All have as a minimum, the essential qualification of a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110).

The feedback that is constantly coming from HR training client’s is support for our Trainers and Facilitators. The knowledge and experience that our trainers are able to provide is highly valued by course participants and our clients.

Our Trainers and Facilitators extend their services well beyond structured face-to-face training sessions. Learning support, as well as MENTORING and business COACHING services is greatly appreciated by our clients and course participants.

HR training strive for excellence in all levels of our service, but where we excel is with our Trainers and Facilitators.

We can send details of the Trainers we suggest for your particular training