Units Required for Certificate III in Driving Operations – Heavy General Freight

Certificate III in Driving Operations –
Heavy General Freight

6 CORE Units Select()
TLID1001A Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
TLIE1005A Carry out basic workplace calculations
TLIF1001A Follow occupational health and safety procedures
TLIF2010A Apply fatigue management strategies
TLIH2001A Interpret road maps and navigate pre-determined routes
TLIL1001A Complete workplace orientation/induction procedures

This qualification requires the completion of twenty (20) units of study with core, licenced, job related and elective units:

  • 1 Core Unit
  • 1 Licence Unit
  • 7 Job Related Units
  • 6 Elective Units
Choose only one (1) Licence Unit

relevant to the vehicle type applicable to your job role

TLIC1051A Operate commercial vehicle
TLIC2002A Drive light rigid vehicle
TLIC3003A Drive medium rigid vehicle
TLIC3004A Drive heavy rigid vehicle
TLIC3005A Drive heavy combination vehicle
TLIC4006A Drive multi combination vehicle
Seven (7) Job Related Units for Heavy General Freight Select()
TLIB2004A Carry out vehicle inspection
TLIA1001A Secure cargo
TLIB2008A Carry out inspection of trailers
TLID2004A Load and unload goods/cargo
TLIE2008A Process workplace documentation
TLIE3012A Consolidate manifest documentation
Choose a minimum of three (3) to six (6) Elective Units from the list below Select()
TLIE2007A Use communication systems
TLID2004A Load and unload goods/cargo
TLID1002A Shift a load using manually-operated equipment
TLIE2008A Process workplace documentation
TLIF2006A Apply accident-emergency procedures
TLII1002A Apply customer service skills
TLIK2010A Use info-technology devices in the workplace
TLID2003A Handle Dangerous Goods/ hazardous substances
TLID3015A Identify and label explosives and dangerous goods
TLIF3063A Administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies
Three (3) Elective Units may be chosen from other currently endorsed Training Packages

with appropriate contextualisation from only Certificate III qualifications – all units must ensure the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome
– ask us for details


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• Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)