Units Required for Certificate II in Cleaning Operations

Certificate II in Cleaning Operations

3 CORE Level II units Select()
CPPCLO2033A Plan for safe and efficient cleaning activities
CPPCLO2035A Maintain cleaning storage areas
CPPCMN2002A Participate in workplace safety arrangements

This qualification requires the completion of eleven (11) units in total:

  • 3 Core Units
  • 8 Elective Units
ELECTIVE Units for CPP20611

Choose a minimum of six (6) units, up to a maximum of eight (8) units from the list below

CPPCLO2001A Maintain hard floor surfaces
(includes a practical assessment)
CPPCLO2004A Maintain carpeted floors
(includes a practical assessment)
CPPCLO2009A Clean glass surfaces
(includes a practical assessment)
CPPCLO2010A Clean ceiling surfaces and fittings
CPPCLO2015A Maintain furniture fittings and room dressing
CPPCLO2017A Clean wet areas
(includes a practical assessment)
CPPCLO2019A Sort and remove waste and recyclable materials
CPPCLO2044A Prepare rooms for guests and residents
CPPCMN2003A Provide effective client service
CPPCCL2007A Perform basic stain removal
Provide first aid / Apply first aid

Learners who have this certificate will be granted the unit via the RPL process as a Credit Transfer. This unit is not delivered by HR training but organised to be completed with St John’s Ambulance.

CT ?
Choose up to two (2) Elective Units from the level III certificate CPP31011

If you choose less than 8 units from above, choose up to two (2) CPP31011 units from the list below.

TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction
CPPCLO3002A Restore a hard floor surface
(includes a practical assessment)
CPPCLO3016A Wash furniture and fittings
HLTIN301C Comply with infection control policies and procedures
CPPCLO3020A Clean using pressure washing
(includes a practical assessment)
ELECTIVE Units from other currently endorsed Training Packages

Two (2) elective units may be selected with appropriate contextualisation from other currently endorsed Training Packages at level II if you choose 8 units from above. The units must ensure the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome – ask us for details


Contact HR training to discuss the units you would like to study
and any special needs you may have for your training.
We are flexible in our training delivery and you may be able to apply for:

• Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)